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Draft Expert is a leading manufacturer and distributor of dust collection components and
equipment for the woodworking industry.

We are able to comprehensively help each enterprise by improving workstations and increasing the safety and comfort of employees. We take an
individual approach to each order, taking into account both the needs and the expectations and capabilities of the entity in question. As a result, we tailor the best solutions, tailor-made for each enterprise.

So far, we have completed many projects, gaining a group of satisfied customers. There is
nothing to prevent you from joining this group as well. We invite you to familiarize yourself
with the details of our offer and contact us. We are eager to start cooperation!

We successfully create elements that are used in sawmills, carpentry workshops, and other
places where, as a result of processing wood and derived materials, large amounts of dust,
sawdust, and other waste are generated, requiring extraction and proper management.

We are engaged in manufacturing, auditing, installing, servicing, and consulting in the field of dust removal for woodworking sites.

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