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Sawdust extraction

Sawdust extraction


Sawdust extraction is an essential piece of equipment for every plant in the wood industry, especially sawmills and carpentry shops. Their primary task is to remove chips, sawdust, and dust generated during the operation of machines

The use of sawdust extraction is necessary for any sawmill machine, as it allows it to increase its efficiency and service life. Thanks to the appropriate design, the sawdust extraction effectively removes dust from the inside of the machine and its surroundings, transporting it to a specific storage location.

We specialize in the production of dust collection machines, including sawdust extraction, as well as in the design and assembly of complex installations. We offer a professional sawdust extraction system that will ensure the effective removal of dust, sawdust, and other wood waste from your sawmill or other industrial plant. Our solutions are tailored to the needs of each client, regardless of their technical specification and production volume.

We manufacture sawdust extractors from high-quality materials, which guarantees their durability and usability for many years. They have fans with an artificial power supply, thanks to which you can easily match them to the needs of your plant. Our devices meet all safety and environmental protection standards, which is our priority. We also provide assistance in choosing the right solutions that will allow you to effectively and efficiently improve the consumption of your device. Thanks to this, you will not only gain clean air but also product safety.

It should be noted that sawdust extraction also has a different nomenclature and can appear as a sawdust dust collector, sawdust extractor, or a shavings, sawdust, and dust absorber. Nevertheless, no matter what we call this device, its function in any woodworking company is the same. It is designed to increase the productivity of machinery and ensure a safe and clean working environment.

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Sawdust extraction

We offer comprehensive implementation of sawdust extraction. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the details of our offer and contact us. We will help you in the best way to take care of your employees, their workplace, machinery, and the entire production process. An investment in safety, quality, and efficiency is the best investment in the development of your business.

As a manufacturer of elements of dust extraction and drainage installations, shavings and sawdust for the wood industry,

we design and install professional dust extraction systems. The process of industrial dedusting is complicated, so it is extremely important to make the right choice, which, in addition to ensuring high efficiency and safety, will bring
measurable benefits for the functioning of the company.

In the case of smaller sawmills, the purchase of ready-made equipment can be considered, while in larger plants it is necessary to use solutions designed for the individual needs of the company and tailored to the machinery used in it. Using our extensive experience and
focusing on customer satisfaction, we manufacture and deliver the highest quality products, comprehensively dealing with ensuring cleaner air in sawmills and other places that require it.

Whether or not dust extraction installation will work effectively depends primarily on the appropriate selection of solutions and devices. Therefore, when we start designing the installation, the first step is to analyze the machinery and the way pollutants are generated and spread in the plant. Only in this way will the dedusting of sawmills be most effective.

It is the best investment in the security and development of your business.

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