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Centrifugal fan OWENT WWOax35,5 “b” – 7,5KW,5500m3/h

Centrifugal fan OWENT WWOax35,5 “b” – 7,5KW,5500m3/h

Fan WWOax35.5 “b” ,

capacity: 5 500 m3/h airflow 3000 Pa ,
power: 7,5kW/2950rpm motor

safety data sheet:katalog wentylatorów WWOax

Product Description: the Radial Fan is designed for efficient transportation of various substances such as chips, sawdust, dust, smoke or gases. We ourselves have been using this type of fan for years for vacuum transportation systems for sawdust and wood dust. Its versatile application includes ventilation in industrial companies, sawmills, carpentry workshops, mines, large buildings, hotels, restaurants and other places.

The radial fan in sawdust and dust extraction installations is placed behind the cyclone filter (vacuum installation), where it is supposed to work on the clean side, thereby increasing the efficiency of the installation and the fan itself which has much less wear due to the lack of contact between the impeller blades and the transported fraction.

Thanks to its robust design and reinforced, balanced impeller with multiple blades, the fan guarantees stable, quiet and virtually vibration-free operation. Its high efficiency translates into a significant reduction in power consumption without adversely affecting performance, making it an energy-efficient solution.

The application of the fan covers a number of fields:

  • Woodworking industry, sawmills, carpentries, transportation of chips, dust and sawdust
  • Transport to dehumidifiers and drying systems
  • Agricultural industry – transport of granules
  • Automotive industry, transport of exhaust gases


The Radial Fan is a reliable solution for effective ventilation and substance transportation in various industries.

Other business terms:
Delivery date: 3 -4 weeks from the date of order and payment of ew, invoice
proforma. Depending on the size and equipment.
Warranty: 24 months from commissioning, but no longer than 27 months from the date of
notification of readiness for delivery, excluding the effects of erosion, corrosion and
obliteration, applies in the territory of Poland

The quoted price includes the frame with vibration isolators made of S235 (if you need the fan alone without the frame, please contact us for a quote)

Gross price – includes 23% VAT





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