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Complete set of linear dust removal SL160 + cyclone FC560 + cell valve ZC220.

Complete set of linear dust removal SL160 + cyclone FC560 + cell valve ZC220.

Complete linear dust collection system for band sawmills.

Linear dust collection set SL160 + cyclone filter FC560 + cell valve ZC220.

In addition, the set includes:

– fan 2,2 KW capacity: 2000m3 at vacuum 1800PA

– fan silencer.

– electric control.

– frame under the cyclone.


Cyclone FC560 – Fi 560 – capacity of 2,000 m3/h*.

*Filter can operate on parameters deviating from nominal parameters +/- 20%.

Inlet velocity to the cyclone: 14-20m/s

Pressure drop: Dp 500-1000Pa

Dust removal efficiency: 90 – 95%

Material: black steel S235 thickness: 3mm

Weight FC560: 90 kg

ZC220 cell valve – 220x220mm – capacity 4.5 m3/h, power 0.55KW

Power of the whole system: 2.75KW

Gutter length included: 12m (price for each additional meter of the system is: 980zl gross)

Calculation of the length of the system: working length + 70cm.

This solution compared to the most common solution (flexible pipe) is very durable, effective, not tangled. The gutter system has a fixed connection that can be connected to both the central dust collection system and the transport fan.

The FC560 cyclone filter is a device designed to effectively clean the air by eliminating dust, sawdust or fumes. It effectively removes contaminants from the air, protecting both workers and the working environment. The cyclone filter should be properly converted to the maximum capacity of all connections.

A cyclone filter consists of a cone-shaped tank made of thick steel. A stream of contaminated air is introduced into the tank, which is then put into a rotating motion. The action of centrifugal force causes the heavier dirt particles to be thrown out of the vortex, losing kinetic energy. They then fall downward, usually into a tank located at the outlet (or target valve).

The ZC220 target valve, removes the separated sawdust from the cyclone filter cone and cuts off the air flow from the bottom of the cyclone filter operating on vacuum. Separated sawdust in a gentle manner without any blowing can be thrown into a room for this purpose (closed or open) bowls are used to discharge sawdust immediately into a container.




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