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Cyclone filter FC1100 – ECO

Cyclone filter FC1100 – ECO

Cyklon FC1100 ECO – Fi 1100 – capacity 10,000 m3/h*.

*Filter may operate at parameters deviating from nominal +/- 20 %.

Cyclone inlet velocity: 14-20m/s

Pressure drop: Dp 500-1000Pa

Dust removal efficiency: 90 – 95%

Material: galvanised steel thickness: 1.5mm

This is a version of the galvanised steel cyclone, the geometry and operation is the same as in the steel cyclones, but the cyclone is made of thinner galvanised sheet, hence the difference in price.

The table with dimensions refers to the steel versions, the weight and thickness of the steel in this version is different, the dimensions are the same.

Dedicated cell valve (optional): ZC400

The cyclone filter is a device designed to effectively clean the air by eliminating dust, sawdust or fumes. It effectively removes contaminants from the air, protecting both workers and the working environment. The cyclone filter should be properly converted to the maximum capacity of all connections.

The cyclone filter consists of a cone-shaped tank made of thick steel. A stream of contaminated air is introduced into the tank, which is then put into a rotating motion. The action of centrifugal force causes the heavier dirt particles to be thrown out of the vortex, losing kinetic energy. They then fall downwards, usually into a tank located at the outlet (or cell valve).

If the cyclone filter operates on a vacuum system, it must be fitted with a target valve to remove the separated sawdust from the cyclone filter cone.

Gross price. VAT 23%




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