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Eagle tee “Y” fi 400mm – 1000mm 45, 30 degrees

Eagle tee “Y” fi 400mm – 1000mm 45, 30 degrees

Eagle tees ‘Y’ made of galvanized sheet DX51D+Z275 with a thickness of 0.8 mm and 1.0 mm. Angle between departures α 90st. – 2 x outlets at 45st.
Angle between the outlets α 60st. – 2 x outlets at an angle of 30 degrees
Connection with quick-connector clamps Z1, wide clamps Z2, flanges.
Execution from other sheet thickness and other diameters – on request.

Ordering minimum: 10pcs items of a given diameter or 50pcs items for combined orders.

Manufacturer: LEMA – WENT

Standard lead time: up to 7 working days.
Periodically the lead time may be extended and in case of larger or unusual orders: 1-4 weeks

Gross prices – including 23% VAT

SYMETRIC 45, 30 degrees with turnouts:

D1 / 2x d3=d4

D1≥d3 and d4, d3=d4

NON-SYMMETRIC 45, 30 degrees with overhangs:

D1 / d3 / d4

D1≥d3 and d4, d3≠d4

426,00 2906,00 



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