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Smooth pipes fi 100 to fi 350mm – galvanized

Smooth pipes fi 100 to fi 350mm – galvanized

Longitudinally fluted smooth pipes made of galvanized sheet DX51D+Z275 with a thickness of 0.8 mm. Standard diameter range d80 mm – d350 mm, standard section length L-1500 mm. Connection to Z1 quick release clamps, Z2 wide clamps, flanges.
Execution from other sheet thickness and with other diameters – on request.

Ordering minimum: 10pcs of a given diameter or from 50pcs for combined orders

Manufacturer: LEMA – WENT

Pipes for extraction of sawdust, loose substances, dirt. Smooth extraction pipes in contrast to spiro pipes do not cause air turbulence so that ventilation works more efficiently, and in the case of bulk material transport we reduce friction so that the pipes can serve much longer. Extraction pipes have a function both in the transport of contaminated air and in the movement of bulk materials. An example of the latter application is sawdust extraction smooth pipes, which are used to clear workplaces of chips and dust that disrupt air quality.

Standard lead time: up to 7 working days.
Periodically, lead times may be extended and for larger or unusual orders: 1-4 weeks
Gross prices – include 23% VAT tax

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