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Twisted wide bracket fi 160mm to 900mm

Twisted wide bracket fi 160mm to 900mm

Quick release clamps of steel, galvanized, equipped with an oil-resistant EPDM rubber gasket. Mechanism – up to d450 – hinge and quick release clamp, d500- d800 – without hinge, for screw.
Wide clamps made of galvanized sheet metal, one bolt connection (nuts and bolts included).

Ordering minimum: 10pcs items of a given diameter or 50pcs items for combined orders.

Manufacturer: LEMA – WENT

Standard lead time: up to 7 working days.
Periodically, lead time may be extended and for larger or unusual orders: 1-4 weeks

Gross prices – incl. VAT 23%.


33,50 87,50 



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