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Vent PUR Super Mastervent anti-static hose

Vent PUR Super Mastervent anti-static hose

PUR Super Mastervent hose

Vent PUR Super is an advanced anti-static hose designed for the industry of extremely abrasive materials such as gravel, sand, grit or blasting sludge. It is ideal for loading equipment and tanker applications. The hose is made from the highest quality 100% polyester polyurethane, featuring extremely high abrasion resistance and flexibility

Hose properties

  • antistatic RO≤109Ω
  • flame-retardant
  • very high abrasion resistance due to reinforcement below the helix
  • long service life
  • smooth interior for optimum flow characteristics
  • good flexibility
  • high tensile and tear strength
  • high vacuum and pressure ratings
  • gas-tight
  • no halogens or plasticisers
  • good chemical resistance
  • resistant to oil and fuels
  • resistant to atmospheric ozone (not in concentrated form)
  • UV-resistant
  • RoHS compliant

Production standards:

fi 25 – fi 500
Colour: transparent
Production lengths: 10m

Manufacturer: MASTERVENT

Standard lead time: up to 7 working days.

Periodically, lead times may be extended and for larger or non-standard orders: 1-4 weeks

Gross prices – including 23% VAT

92,50 3180,00 



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