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Wood chipper – for multi-saw RW320

Wood chipper – for multi-saw RW320

Chipper for multi-saw or sawmill, working width of processed material 320mm

The set includes:

base under the motor
outlet fi200

4KW motor

Rotation of the chipper: 1740 rpm

Weight of set with motor: 180kg

The chipper is supplied in a painted or unpainted version (if the location under the multi-saw requires modifications to adapt the device to a specific multi-saw) before ordering, please check the exact dimensions of the chipper (photo no.2)

Wood chipper is a reliable tool that will facilitate your work with wood and transform larger cuttings, trimmings, knots, scrap wood into a fine fraction. The chippers we offer are ideal for use under a multi-pile with a dust collection system, where the larger waste is extracted along with the sawdust by which it can damage the pipes, cause the cell valves to stop working, or completely clog the system.

Lead time up to 4 weeks, but we often have available on hand (check before ordering)




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