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Cyclones in sawmills

Cyclones in sawmills


Dust extraction cyclones should be the basis of equipment for any sawmill, carpenter's workshop, and other places whose activity profile is based on the wood industry.

These devices are designed for effective air purification by removing dust, sawdust, or fumes because the accumulation of pollutants and their excess in the air is a real threat to both the health of employees and their workplace.

The dedusting cyclone is a cone-shaped tank made of sheet metal. A stream of dusty air is forced into it, and then it is introduced into a swirling motion. The particles of impurities present in it, heavier than air, are thrown out of the vortex due to the centrifugal force, and by hitting the walls of the device they lose their kinetic energy and fall down along the conical
part of the tank, usually to the tank located at the outlet.

Sawmills are one of the main branches of the wood industry, where cyclones play an important economic role.

During the processing of wood in a sawmill, a significant amount of sawdust and air dust is
generated, which requires the efficient operation of cyclones. Their effective operation is key
to ensuring a safe, healthy, and efficient process. Depending on the type of contamination, cyclones in sawmills can function as independent suction systems or act as a preliminary separator, operating in conjunction with other devices, thus increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of filtration.

The installation of cyclones is a necessity today and a solution that brings many benefits, including increasing the safety of employees, preventing fires and explosions, maintaining the continuity of the production process, and protecting the machine park. In addition, their installation does not interfere with other mechanisms.

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Cyclones in sawmills

The dust cyclones we offer are diversified in terms of such parameters as height, diameter, and capacity.

Thanks to the use of the highest quality materials for their production and careful workmanship, they are distinguished by their durability and efficiency. Investment in this type of dust collection systems is a relatively small cost compared to the benefits they bring.

As a manufacturer of elements of dust extraction and drainage installations, shavings and sawdust for the wood industry,

we design and install professional dust extraction systems. The process of industrial dedusting is complicated, so it is extremely important to make the right choice, which, in addition to ensuring high efficiency and safety, will bring
measurable benefits for the functioning of the company.

In the case of smaller sawmills, the purchase of ready-made equipment can be considered, while in larger plants it is necessary to use solutions designed for the individual needs of the company and tailored to the machinery used in it. Using our extensive experience and
focusing on customer satisfaction, we manufacture and deliver the highest quality products, comprehensively dealing with ensuring cleaner air in sawmills and other places that require it.

Whether or not dust extraction installation will work effectively depends primarily on the appropriate selection of solutions and devices. Therefore, when we start designing the installation, the first step is to analyze the machinery and the way pollutants are generated and spread in the plant. Only in this way will the dedusting of sawmills be most effective.

It is the best investment in the security and development of your business.

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