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Suction and discharge hose Vent PUR P70 Mastervent

Suction and discharge hose Vent PUR P70 Mastervent

PUR P70 Mastervent hose

Being both lightweight, anti-static, microbial resistant and flame retardant, this suction and discharge hose is an extremely versatile and indispensable industrial component. Its unique features make it ideal for the industry of a variety of materials in harsh environments

Hose properties:

  • antistatic RO≤109Ω
  • flame-retardant
  • highly abrasion resistant
  • resistant to fuels and oils
  • gas-tight
  • Good chemical resistance
  • No halogens or plasticisers
  • Resistant to atmospheric ozone (not in concentrated form)
  • UV-resistant
  • very flexible
  • high tensile and crack resistance
  • smooth inside for optimum flow characteristics
  • charge dissipation is achieved by the spiral being grounded on both sides
  • RoHS compliant

Production standards:

Fi 25 – Fi 500
Colour: transparent
Production lengths: Fi 25 – Fi 250: 10m and 15m from Fi 275: 10m

Manufacturer: MASTERVENT

Standard lead time: up to 7 working days.

Periodically the lead time may be prolonged and in case of larger or non-standard orders: 1-4 weeks

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39,50 584,50 



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